Toploaders are the perfect way to prevent your valuable trading cards from damage. Scratching, bending, warping, and sticky fingers are enemies of our trading card collections and Toploaders are the best, economical way to safeguard them. Toploaders are made of rigid, usually super clear plastic, and typically come in packs of 25. If you collect or play trading card games like Pokemon, Digimon or Magic: The Gathering – you'll need Toploaders for 35pt thickness. There are many brands on the market, including Ultra PRO and Card Concept, amongst others. Whichever brand you choose, we're confident you'll be happy with the Toploaders we stock at Neo Cards & Collectables. We have personally used all of them, and we happily recommend any one of them, so you don't need to feel daunted by the choices.

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Toploaders are incredibly versatile and have several uses. Firstly, they're great for protecting cards whilst in storage. If you send your cards off for grading, Toploaders also make an excellent alternative to Card Savers. They're also great for mailing singles you sell or trade – preventing cards from being bent in transit. When using Toploaders, we highly recommend putting your trading cards in soft sleeves before popping them into a Toploader. This ensures your cards enjoy dual protection. Not sure what to buy or need some help with your purchase? Perhaps you're purchasing a gift for someone special? No problem. Contact one of the team by email, web chat or phone, and we'll be happy to help you. Finally, thank you for visiting Neo Cards & Collectables.