About Us

It started in 1999 with a Pokemon Base Set booster pack. Eagerly opened outside an independent toy shop, our first-ever pack of Pokemon Cards were searched through with careful hands and a large dose of optimism for that holographic Charizard. The magic of that day is as alive today as it ever was.

20 years on, not much has changed really. We've discovered Pokemon from 7 other regions and have been joined by new generations of Pokemon trainers along the way. Our love and affection for Pokemon has evolved over time, as have our collections. We adore opening booster packs, completing sets, marvelling over the artwork and trading with our friends.

Neo Cards & Collectables was built to share the hobby with other collectors, just like you. From cards to collectables, new to vintage, sealed to singles and WOTC to Nintendo, this web store is our way of sharing the hobby with you to help you achieve your collecting aspirations.

We don't have fancy offices or a brick and mortar store, keeping our overheads low means we can keep our prices low, too. We understand that hobbies are a luxury, not a necessity, so the lower we can keep our prices, the more you can enjoy the hobby with us.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy our store.